Doing a cover - I Can't Make You Love Me

Thanks to the talented Bonnie Raitt for the wonderful song I Can't Make You Love Me. It's my favorite for the last fifteen years or so...

Just recently, I wanted to make a cover so LouWorks Studio shot the video for me and when I got the time to edit.... I went ahead and used Cyberlink Powerdirector to put the title and insert the instrumental but when I listened to the original sound.... -- UH-OH the audio was really noisy... the vehicle sound are loud enough and the street traffic noise were all captured, my fault because we opened the window for lighting purposes. This was suppose to be a LIVE COVER but, well not for this.

So, I did plan B which was: SINGING IT ALL OVER AGAIN and hopefully catch the timing of the song base from the treatment I made during the live recording. After 3 takes, here I finally got the closest one to match the movement of my mouth. Here is the work flow of chopping and making it a bit accurate.

This was is the raw screen capture.

I never edited my audio materials before because I had a wonderful and super good audio editor with my previous studio recordings but I learned to do audio editing just with this song... This now my friends is my newest experience in doing a cover song. I don't just learn the song, I learned how to work on Cyberlink PowerDirector which I must say a VERY GOOD software to use for someone doing simple videos. A beginner in audio editing. This is what I have achieved:

Thank you once again for visiting my channel and I hope you will follow me blog or if you like the video, send in your thumbs up in my youtube channel.

Til the next cover... :D




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