A piece of work on a MUSIC VIDEO OF LJ MANZANO - MAY FOREVER (2015)

My phone rang one evening of May and the number was not registered, but I picked it up anyway because most clients in the Photo studio calls me, so upon hearing his voice, it's my good ole batchmate from Elementary to Highschool - LJ MANZANO. This time, he's looking for a video editor for his new composition. Hearing that, I am thrilled and was hoping this time it would go mainstream.

The guy whom I have enjoyed sharing lot of good conversations about music and have collaborated with on compositions he did. I often freely gave him my feedback  for the sake of conceptualization and art, he is a very talented person (you should check his Youtube channel to see that). I've learned a good singing technique from him too :D. It's like breathing aesthetics in most of my work, since I've been in video production and musical scoring for many years now :D

Few more calls he made discussing his concept about that project, so then I messaged him that I want to contribute for his video. He showed me one clip about his concern on the aesthetic area of it and I decided that just want to include that as part of my portfolio.

I went to gather my friend Karen (our studio portfolio model) and my cousin Dalyne for the scene needed on his new OPM (Original Pilipino Music) video.

Here are the shots we did with an #ALDUB concept.

still framing the camera

OK, we are not synchronized yet with our lips here... Heheheh


When I heard this song, for me this is a POPISH JINGLE TYPE with a very relevant issue trending on social media here in the Philippines "MAY FOREVER" (There is forever). This not the novelty type of songs you hear that will annoy you. This is a fun song and something that will cause an LSS (Last Song Syndrome) like most pop songs do.

A lot of his friends also in United Kingdom participated for this video and as of the moment in Facebook, it's around 700 thousand views since it was uploaded on Oct. 10, 2015. 

YES! I am proud to be part of this because that guy in the blue stripe shirt beside my songwriter friend LJ - THAT IS OUR BELOVED CITY MAYOR. Hon. Rodrigo Duterte! :D 

Great job LJ!

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