The best online market place to buy and showcase stuff, skills and services for free; with social mediasites integration that users can interact, because people wants to know relevant information of those who are selling online and started last December 2010 in Davao City, Philippines.

In recent years online selling has grown in the Philippines, but some people are not as trustworthy as you may expect. Somehow you wonder how they look and if they are real business people or just another scammer.

Therefore, to lessen your suspicion you do research around social networkgin site and so, wanted to help buyers or our members to know if a person may know some of his or her friends. Dreamybunch is integrated with Facebook using F CONNECT and this allows you to see the post of each member in SKILLS and STUFF categories.

In this way, our website would get to help the community build valuable connections with people whom you know and who your friends know, making your transaction with real identities prudently and avoid some hoax. If you want to get support from people whom you know if you as you start a business, this is a smart way for you to maximize the website. Now, for those who plan to sell personal pre-loved items in the near future and hoping to dig around for interested buyers or maybe you could just find the trade buddies through friends’ referrals, this is the site for you!

The list of the categories of Skills covers the following:

Airline/Ship/Train Station
Automotive Services
Bars and Clubs
Business Opportunities
Career/HR Services
Child and Elderly Care
Computer/Tech Help
Consumer Product
Creative/Design Services
Food and Beverage
Food and Service
Health/Beauty Services
Home Services
Insurance/Financial Services
Lawn/Garden Services
Legal Services
Media/ TV Show
Office Services
Professional Services
Real Estate Services
Religious Organization
Rental Cars
Sports/ Athletics
Travel Services
Web Services

For small and medium entrepreneur, you may utilize this as a tool as classified ads for your recruitment bulletin since the F connect would easily spread around members of dreamybunch, giving a notification on their facebook accounts.

So check out and enjoy the benefit of promoting your products and services much easier and faster! To log in, go to

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Nortehanon said…
It's good that many Filipinos are now into e-commerce. It's shaping the way Filipinos will be doing business in the next few years.

Good luck to Dreamybunch. Are you part of it, Joy?
Ms. Joy said…
Hi there ma'am! Yes, I am part of this now, uh... I made mention this in my previous blog about this:D
Mac said…
i visited the site and its nice to know their are many Filipinos who are into e-commerce.

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