NO SMOKING ORDINANCE - Travelers are not excused

Davao City's tourist visits have increased over the last two years. Before you deplane on any passenger aircraft upon arriving to Davao International Airport, the announcement will include a reminder "there is a No Smoking Ordinance in Davao City."

The ORDINANCE NO. 043-02 series of 2002 “ THE COMPREHENSIVE ANTI-SMOKING ORDINANCE OF DAVAO CITY “ is one of the most important things one must know when you come and  travel to DAVAO CITY. 

This was implemented since year 2002 but recently I read in the news that there were two foreign nationals who violated it, and was caught at the Davao International Airport last July 28, 2010.

The city received an award from  Global Smoke-free Partnership (GSP) in 2009 for its strick implementation.

The ordinance prohibits smoking in public places, enclosed areas (hotel rooms, boarding houses, disco houses, videoke bars, resto bars, and movie houses, or any other place with pleasant environment and atmosphere conducive to comfort, healthful relaxation and rest, offering foods, sleeping accommodation and recreation facilities to the public for a fee;), and public vehicle (Jeepney and taxi cabs). 
Thus, I suggest, before you come to this beautiful place of Davao, please do follow the ordinance or better yet, ABSTAIN from SMOKING. I think that is doable and it may save yourself from medical expense and from harming others. 

Please try to evaluate the pros and cons and I am sure you'll find more health benefits than disadvantages.

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