All these medicines....

Hi guys! It's 2013! Thank God! The dooms day prediction have gone wrong and I am so happy that the world is still in one piece. So sorry for being really away for a long time. I am once again posting my new entry here with so much relief from numerous matters and I am excited because I have never written a blog yet that falls on the first day of the year. Therefore,  this a new record for me, and thus, I want to start off with the list of the medicines I had for the last seven months of year 2012.

1.) Hyosene     ---        May 2012
2.) Ceterizine   ---        June 2012
3.) Cefalexin ---           July 2012
4.) Sultamcillin  ---        July 2012
5.) Metronidazole Flagyl -- August 2012
6.) Mefinamic acid ---        July - Oct 2012
7.) Metronidazole Dazomet---   July 2012
8.) Celecoxib  ---          September 2012
9.) Cefuroxime ---         September 2012
10.)Ciproloxacin---       September 2012
11.)Cloxacillin  ---         November 2012
12.)Clindamicin---         December 2012
13.) Amlodepin ---        July - August 2012
14.) Iodosorb  ---         September 2012
15. Mupirocin ---          August and December 2012

I know, right? My Kidneies had to work double time with all these medicines (except Iodosorb & Mupirocin) . Plus food supplement and my regular vitamins -- Conzace as per doctor's prescription. At my age I never imagined that I could get into these list of drugs.

For the record, I was having the worst experience of being injected with anesthesia that  never worked due to the puss, I could actually feel the  stitches and I had to endure climbing the stairs after the procedure. Thank God, I also got through it.

I am thankful because despite of the negative events that happened, I believe I am one of the fortunate people who have an easy access to medical help. I hope people can start a great year ahead and continuously praying for strength to keep going. I am still on the road to recovery so I hope 2013 will be brighter for all of us.

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