Why I love coconut water

I read the news about the COCO juice on yahoo.com last night and was really happy that this became a recent trend after I visited the doctor yesterday afternoon, which Coconut water became our topic because I was suspecting a Urinary tract infection, after drinking too much of powdered juice last week and ate dried fish.

For us Filipinos, the Coconut water has been too available that we I always get to have Coconut water for free from neighbor hood during summer vacations in our Lola's place. We have several Coconut trees in our farm as well that I always request my dad to bring us Coconut or widely known as BUKO here in the Philippines. Buko juice is a favorite drink for those who have UTI as what I have heard from several nurses around. It may not entirely cure but it for kidney cleansing.

I know that it is a good source of glucose since there are several organic Coconut sugars being sold in the market today and now when I checked several post online, this becomes a good SPORT DRINK! It's wonderful to know that because, every Sunday when the sun is hot here in Davao City, I would make sure I'll get to drink Coconut juice to replenish me and I am happy that the Philippines exports it in parts of Europe too.

I suggest we drink more Coconut juice than soft drinks and other powdered juices to eliminate impurities in our kidneys, that way we will get to have a healthier life with it's low calorie. However, please do not let infant drink this to prevent problems.

I hope you'll grab a natural Coconut water in the fruit during the hot afternoon and add some milk!

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