The best online market place to buy and showcase stuff, skills and share your thoughts for free; with social media sites integration that users can interact, because people wants to know relevant information of those who are selling online. This is the brain child of Mr. Chris Uy, the co-founder of

For many, they don’t want to deal with complete strangers and most often than not, we go and search for these sellers on social networking site and look up for their credibility or   profile, hoping we could find out positive reviews from their real life friends or customers they have dealt with. To address this tedious job faster, made its site SOCIAL because the social context of our preference matters in our daily life. The integration with Facebook allows you to see the post an advertisement of each member made in the SKILLS and STUFF category. In this way, our website would get to help the community build valuable connections with people whom you know and who your friends know, making your transaction with real identities prudently and avoid some hoax. If you want to get support from people whom you know if you as you start a business, this is a smart way for you to maximize the website. Now, for those who plan to sell personal pre-love items in the near future and hoping to dig around for interested buyers for your items or maybe you could just find the trade buddies through friends’ referrals, this is the site for you.

What is more, you may drive traffic towards your fan page or website if you wish to maximize the members who share the same interest with you and create a faster engagement toward people who may support your products, activities, projects or even hobbies.

The Blogrolls is the new section for you to check out certain topics you want to read. There are two way benefits that you can get out of this feature. First, this is an avenue for bloggers to share and promote anything which may be helpful to buyers ranging from different products and service reviews based on our consumers or bloggers experience. Second, your blog will also benefit from this great interaction within the community, aside from getting views and traffic. As a  customer, those companies may also read what you had to say and making the customer – company feed backing easier, where our experiences in real life and online becomes valid.

So, at, enjoy the benefit of promoting your products and services much easier and faster!

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