Pre-production of Mr. & Ms. Photogenic 2011

Even if it was a holiday yesterday, I was busy with so many things. Being the coordinator for the Mr. and Ms. Photogenic 2011, I needed to beat my deadline. Good thing we learned about the space for us to rehearse and meet at a cheap price at the Region XI Dept Ed, new building.

Seeing teens try to learn and build their self - confidence gives me fulfillment, as I remember that once, there were people who believed in me when I was trying to discover myself. Anyhow, those who had experience in this type of activites get to share their skills and of course was given due attention by those who wanted to learn how to do the catwalk.

This may not be a big production, but the whole point here is to give new faces a chance to be able to grace our photos and maybe in the future they would be models for some Photography workshop around the city that will encourage the community to grow.

Thus, here are the pre-production activities that transpired yesterday.

All photos are owned by New Jersy Studio at Abreeza Mall, photographer: James Flores.

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Klaus Doring said…
Hi Joy, thanks for sharing this with us. Very interesting and inspiring. Keep up the good work.... .
Ms. Joy said…
you're welcome, I hope this will inspire others too...
Klaus Doring said…
I pretty sure, it WILL, Joy!!! God bless.