Technology age - My review and remembering Steve Jobs

This morning - I opened my laptop and went to my Twitter and to my surprise: Steve Jobs is dead, and the article was posted at 2 hrs ago. I immediately searched and dial the phone, called my colleague at He just woke up I guess at 9:40 AM, and I haven't had my coffee yet, I told him the tech genius was gone. Today, my work-load is for our website so we have a schedule for an updating.

Fast forward to 3PM, I am at the mall, we grabbed donuts and coffee to set our work on the lair. I have not seen the documentary of the information technology age, and viola, here I am watching - Triumph of the Nerd by Robert Cringley  - you may learn more at this has always made me go back to the FB status I placed this morning, which I learned from my former business mentor Louella Sopoco-Santiago.
   " Thoughts = words, Words = actions, Actions = character, Character = destiny. So, be careful what you think about!" 

Well, the looses of few people in the industry where it has materialized to other is a good case study. This is a good example of why POVERTY starts in YOUR MIND. The 50,000 USD was "the deal of the Millenium" as what Cringley call it, pertaining to the the DOS acquisition to beat the CPM program. Another loss from the XEROX as Steve Jobs talked about how it has blinded him when it was presented to their team, now it is Steve Jobs who got the recognition for the MOUSE.

Therefore, the mind of those who GET IT, is richer than those who DO NOT, so your mind is where you start on how you will become rich. The industry was too fast for most people to catch but these people found their passion and did the best out of it.

Great learning for the day!

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