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Just as I finished updating my FB Timeline, I am also busy promoting a lot of stuff lately, I am working on the upcoming event for Sunday in church but for the last 6 days of my life, I am hooked with the new updates of www.dreamybunch.com, and why I am on it, because I think the site is getting better, with the improvement that you'll see.

Dreamybunch already introduced the "BLOGROLL" - which is the idea of Chris Uy- Co-founder of www.dreamybunch.com, in it's Beta mode, you already can post your blogs! Just what I did with mine and for several blogger friends. You may check it out and all blogs are visible even if you are not a member since this is an ONLINE MARKETPLACE.

The BLOGROLL will benefit the sellers and this is what dreamybunch.com wanted, we want to help the seller of any real estate company or agents and tech sellers to push their listing on the specific RECOMMENDED STUFF on the side of each blog!

When you want your listing to be much more elaborated and perhaps you saw a blog that reviewed the same product you sell, you can REPOST the blog, and please do give an acknowledgement or link of that blog as well. In that way you let viewers understand what other people or users have to say about the stuff you sell, or any other service you offer. This is what it looks like.

So if you want to always have a back link aside from your facebook marketing strategy. This website is a tool for you to utilize, if other local online selling websites could not incorporate your post on your facebook wall once anyone would comment, so I think you must try out this website. You selling activities and blogging feedback will be much faster, just like what happened with the post of Perry Crusit Lequigan

Join me in www.dreamybunch.com!

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pink said…
tnx joy, so much like like heheheh!