Recovering sleep and USANA

Right now, I am choosing to recover my sleep again, and I am taking the USANA Optimizer, I am not a USANA dealer, but so far, I do have sound sleep when I started taking the vitamins which comes in two tablets, the WHITE - with chelated minerals and YELLOWISH one - mega antioxidant It is a good product I tell you, because when I visited a friend who is an iridologist, she said I have anxiety, and if I'll take that, it's a pharma grade supplement and it  will help boost my immune system too. I don't really think it was coincidence, but yes, I had less sleep for the last two months. So, I am sorry for not blogging much for the last two weeks because I was just trying to get my sleep back. Moreover, I don't feel too hungry and don't eat too much dinner now that I am taking USANA. 

USANA Essentials My initial experience with that last year like it was November or around October, hmm... why it did not work? However, now that I resumed taking the vitamins, I then felt better. The reason why I remembered taking it was due to the numbness on my right lower lip that made me call my friend to send me the supplements again. Coupled with prayer, my number did subside to almost 80%. I do believe that the healing process do help when you pray over the food and medicine you take, and when you know your body is the temple of the Holy spirit.

If you want to know more about the vitamins, just visit the website of USANA: Or you may contact me and I'll let my friend - Glory explain to you more about it. If you are located in Canada and USA, these products are widely available among distributors too. 

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