Those who want to look YOUNGER...

I am a lotion addict! To those people who really know me, I could not work efficiently with NO Lotion. I really can't grip on stuff properly, I could not find things in my bag, without having a paper cut or like damaging the soft skin at the cuticle that will end-up bleeding. It has been like that for the last 15 years of my life.

Nobody would like to look old these days, and and several lotions that we see on most of the stores, have SPF because the UV rays can cause aging, but aside from lotions and sunscreen. I learned several tips that could make you look younger..

Lighter Lip Stick Shade
Dark colors can make you look matured, so opt for light colors, coral, pink, lavender, apricot glow. Better go for a lipstick that has a moisturizer.

Put-on Lip gloss
The shine will boost your aura. It complements well if you put it on top of your lipstick.

Conceal the dark circles under your eye.
My friend who is a make-up artist does advice this when I lack sleep and put on a mineral powder over it. Check out the photo I did with Lipgloss. I only slept almost 5 hours during the shoot but after doing make up, I looked perked up and felt good.

Yes,my ultimate tip, is smile, it can help you prevent wrinkles too :-). As they've said, laughter is the best medicine. Scientifically, it allows lesser muscle to make an effort when smiling than frowning. So, smile and be infectious.

Facial Cleanser, moisturizer, day cream and night cream
If you want a higher level of treatment:

Go for TIME WISE NIGHT CREAM of Mary Kay, I recommended it with TIME WISE FACIAL CLEANSER to my mom for starters. It did made her glow. But to make it really work. I do use Time wise age-fighting eye cream.

Revitalize your eye.

Mary Kay also offers a product that will help you revitalize your tired looking eyes or your eye bugs. You may want to use this product - Eye Revitalizer of Mary Kay if you don't want to put on concealer. It is safe and you may apply it 3x in a day to keep you eyes from having dark circles and if you don't want to use heavy foundation on a weekend. I personally used this and saw the wonderful results!

In case you don't know what suits your skin, send me a message, I would love to discuss it with you.

I hope you won't worry so much on your skin aging, so you won't look stressed.

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