This is the first ever Skill Enhancement Program of the HGFF Business Group Ministry. We had lot of fun yesterday, July 23, 2011 at CORE Learning Center, Inc, sponsored by our President Mr. Carino. Much thanks also to Ma'am Eme, for providing the supplies of the Atsara and to our lecturers, Ma'am Malou Belviz and Ms. Retchel Felarca.

First part was the Yema Making and Second Part was the Atsara Making.  It is really a nice experience to be part of this as a volunteer and help others. Truly an experience that gave me the feeling fulfillment, and we are happy to hear your positive feedback on our first and small step to reach out and share our skill and craft.

Atsara or pickled papaya - soaking the grated Papaya with salt.

 Yema Making - the classic yema recipe being taught by Ms. Retchel! Thanks Kapatid. I learned something new yesterday.

Our Consultant - Mr. Abel Trinidad (Church Deacon). Thanks for the demo of the electric pan! :D.

Make sure your hands are really clean and no jewelry please while preparing your vegetables, no lotion and wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap, as much as possible something that has no perfume so you won't contaminate the ingredients. Just a tip. :D

Thank you so much for those who attended, we hope to see you again in our next meeting. Dalaygon ang Dios! I hope you will encourage others to join too, and we will take note your suggestions placed on the feedback form. :-)

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