I remember the time my former student sent me a message through chat one night during the month of  August last year asking if I know a web programmer.

I suddenly had a  feeling that he is up for something wonderful, off course when I was still with Philippine Women's College (PWC), he did great on projects we had in class specifically in creating copy in advertising exercises.

This is a Davao-based online promotion and social networking site for you to easily share your post and not retyping your post to inform your friends on facebook.

Then in December 2010 the domain www.dreamybunch.com went online.

Here is the screen shot of the index page.

What I find cool about this is, the website allows you to make it as an application in your Facebook account or if you have an e-mail under gmail.com or you are in Google+, you need not to re-apply and reconfirm your account upon signing in. Do try and find cool stuff in here!

At the moment improvement is still going on but please feel free to feedback and send your comments.

Check it out now!

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