What's with Glossy-joy?!

Mabuhay readers!

So you may have asked yourself why I have the name Glossy-joy.... I have not discussed this with my previous blogs since I started to blog in year 2007, and so I finally decide to disclose the reference point of  Glossy-joy.

Sometime in 2007, I enjoyed collecting a lot of lip-gloss and wearing them as I mix it with the regular matte lipstick I have, thus creating a better color combination!

Aside from eye shadow, that I frequently use, lip-gloss is soo useful, that it prevents chapped lips and off course!, I am best known as JOY by most co-worker, business related friends, and the freelance artist I worked with.

And to the mommies out there, keep in mind to wear your lip-gloss! It'll help you look younger and to college students, you can never go wrong with a lip-gloss when you don't want to look haggard or with unattractive lips!

I would recommend Mary Kay lipgloss! Have a happy lip-gloss application! :-).

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