In case you would wonder what is in Salumay, Baguio District, or what kind of place is Salumay, then I would like to give you an idea of this small municipality. 

It is located at the northern border of Davao City before reaching Bukidnon, which is 3 hours drive outside of the city. The means of transportation is by taking the bus via Cagan De Oro City. 

Our location is picked by the business partner of Mr. Sy - Ma'am A., who sells the 8 hectar property which will soon be developed like Baguio City (Luzon) because of it similarity. 

The weather is cool and it's mostly cloudy with fogs in the morning and heavy fogs hover along the ridges during dusk. The lovely sunset sets a very dramatic horizon along with the Pine trees that natural grows around the area. If you happened to visit Sagada or Baguio, you would surely say it seemed you are not in a tropical place like Philippines. For those who could remember Bella's line in the movie Twilight when she described Forks, it does look close to that. (Hehehe... I am no fan, I just happened to watch that because I was wondering why high school friends were excited about it!)

Going back, the experience was even close to twilight because of the power outage that lasted for almost 4 hours, and we have to go on doing the photo shoot! Would you believe that the other house got a generator while we had dinner with candle lights?  I could only see lights on another elevated property like more than 1 Kilometer away when I check at the balcony after dinner. yeah I think we burned like almost 35 candles that night, and we can't even go out because it was still raining and we hardly knew anyone there except for the Barangay Captain that accommodated us who has another assistant. It's like we were in a suspense movie that night, but I love the fact that we have to be creative enough to make it look that there were lights. 

One more thing, Gia Selma was even joking of Jipper's Cripper! Hehehe... may think it's scary but  at around 9:50 PM, the lights went on, and like I was sooo disappointed because I called for a wrap almost 20 minutes prior to the time the lights came back!

It surely was one of a kind experience!

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Marjorie said…
It was quite an experience Joy.