How many of your dreams did change?

I rolled the recent updates in my facebook page, while having my chocolate drink and my attention was caught by the post of the J Walter Thompson Chairperson - Mr. Jos Ortega. It was about the speech and the name Conan O'brien got me interested, as I read bold blue letters (the default titles of any thing we put on the Facebook wall) Intermission: Conan O'Brien's Dartmouth Commencement Speech - Culture - GOOD ... and so I checked it out.

I have watched few of Conan's show on cable TV few years back and I know it was one of the crazy comendy shows that'll entertain you, interestingly, what I found today is a link of the article by an education editor - Liz Dwyer. -

Yeah the speech made me laugh because it was sensible when he was pointing out things even it sounded funny, but yes, this technique works. Thank God he said he's it's not a time to have negative prognostication of the reality.

I was able to relate to what he was saying. It is not just about what Americans do experience but yes, what he was telling the graduates are so true to us here in the Philippines. Along the way, I then remembered the speech during my college graduation to row our boat and go deeper into the ocean as we go on pursuing our dreams, as Conan states "the most cliche in every graduation speech."

What I would like to quote he said  was "Your path on 22 will not necessarily be your path at 32 or 42..." - I would like to throw this questions to people at my age, to those who around 32 to 35. How many of your dreams did change while you were on the process of chasing it or reaching for it?

For me, some of it did in 2010.

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