Behind the scene of SNAP MAGAZINE

It was really inspiring and fun when we were preparing for the New Jersy Snap Magazine (quarterly issue).

Here are the behind the scene photos by Mr Jerry Ang - our contributing photographer.

Photo shoot location at : Salumay, Baguio District, Davao City, Philippines.

This is at 4:00 AM,  I was at the kitchen heating the water for noodle time for other handler and production crew who were about to have breakfast, while Gia was the first person who woke up to prepare for Lucky's make-up. The photo shoot was on another area few more meters away from the Barangay Captain's house near a certain camp.

The model photo shoot of the models were followed by the production team's pictorial.

(right to left)
Stylist and Assistant Creative Staff:  Junnie Artajo
Hair and Make-up Artist: Oskie Gia Selma
Photographer:  Mr. Jerry Sy
Production Assistant: Karen Tan
Publication Consultant:  Yours truly

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