on the note of finding meaning and engaging with people

In any work we do, stress can always be present, and for me, it is conflict within the office that causes so much stress or be it may decisions from the higher management to change things without considering the pros and cons. When people are so close minded, this is a factor that will certainly create havoc at work.

Somehow, our situation is not ideal for us, however, it does not mean, we will be stuck in such situation forever. For the last few months, I have always evaluated myself and found meaning in what I do. My friend and colleague had this talk few months ago that she is fulfilled when her work will showcase the real picture of people who may be in not so good condition and be able to inspire others to do something about it and to contribute to their awareness. For me, I find a great meaning in being able to be faithful in being a steward, which may mean that whatever project or task is given to me I would be able to deliver a wonderful output and forge better alliance with others that will help promote camaraderie. Being able to do this allows me to move forward because I know that what I do may contribute to the lives of my co-workers or friends.

I think the best part of my work right now is being able to engage with the staff of New Jersy Studio. It allows me to learn how to improve their service and share my ideas for them to be creative in sales. 

I asked one of my trainee last month if she already found meaning in her life or her career?  I will pose the same question to you. If yes, feel free to share it in my comment box, your story may inspire others. 

Keep me posted! Cheers!