Health and your spirituality

Well, I was typing the previous title I had on the blog last week and as I looked at the first page results, interestingly, I stumbled upon this link:

I went on reading and to my knowledge, yes I am one of those people who regularly attends church on Sundays.  Nonetheless I just learned this "one study found that regular church attendees had a 25 to 30 percent greater chance of living longer than those who never, seldom, or rarely attended church services (McCullough et al., 2000). "

Even if we know that our body will deteriorate but yes, I have observed that with my grandmother who is now 85 years old. She is very faithful in attending church service and she can easily paint a smile on her face, she is generally not grumpy and does advice me to pray on things that stresses me out, I think when I get old, I will be happy to see myself with such kind of disposition too. 

Another grandmother, Iya Hua - She too had her own share of being able to go on and have a better adjustment with her not so ideal situation. 

Actually, my uncle who is a surgeon, believes that our faith and spirituality makes wonders, he told me a few times of miracles he have encountered with his patients. 

This study is very interesting and I am glad, it reinforces our good choices of keeping our faith!


uhooi said…
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f e R n said…
Nice blog joy, may your FAITH inspire you to a greater assurance of Divine providence for your life. Faith is being willing to trust God - turning your hopes and problems over to Him and trusting in His wisdom - and knowing that somehow everything will turn out for the best. No matter how difficult or dark things become, there is always a light. Continue to inspire people my friend. God bLess. :')
Nortehanon said…
Yes, it is very true. Because every positive thought, every positive feeling, every positive action contributes to our well-being.

Magandang araw :)

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