Starting my 2011...

Last year was a good year. It did not seem more smooth as 2009 but it is the year of discoveries and linking.

I met new friends and reconnected with old friends, who then becomes part of the wonderful start for my 2011. I could not review all the things I experienced, but off course there were bright days and not so bright but in totality, I think I am even confident about what I do. I was able to realize the things that means more to me than what is temporary.

I learned that love, passion, joy, and camaraderie are the ones that makes everything worthwhile. How many people are willing to sacrifice some of this for money? That's one of the biggest questions I was thinking like several months ago.

Now, all I did was to do what I love to do and do what gives me joy and work on what I am passionate about. The next thing I know I became part of one of the IDEA other people envisioned - which is the FILCOMDEC.

The recent January 1, 2011 report of Mr. Mon del Rosario, I quote "The alliance between composers and radio is an impossible idea that has turned into a reality! CLICK MUSIC’s time has come. The process to revive the local music industry has been put in motion and success is an eventuality. Failure is no longer an option!"

Making melodies has not been so serious for me in the past but when the passion is there, it never runs dry. I just wanted to give it a shot with the help of good good friends, the songs were materialized. The competition is on as I write this, and as I wait for results, I am happy that people like Mr. del Rosario are willing to share this wonderful opportunity to many Filipinos in the field of songwriting.

New experience will arise from this and at this point of time, I am hopeful that the text votes will allow people to pick their choices and have their bets once the ball starts and this will make more contestants excited as the days will come for the announcement of TOP 500 for the KBP Songwriting Competition.
Kudos to those who are now part of the top 17 entries announced last November!