I was listening last Wednesday and I was watching the reports on TV about the Vizconde case which is one of the most controversial and long running case that took 20 years for the Supreme Court to give it's decision.

I will just be personal on this matter, because humans are responsible for what the future will look like. I kept on recalling the news I heard about this case when I was like in high school and then I almost forgot what transpired so when I looked up in the internet, I read this blog: .

Reading it would really make you think. After the decision was made last Wednesday and seeing Mr. Lauro Visconde almost fainting with shock and dismay, my initial question was how will we know the truth when all the evidence were gone?

Hearing Mr. Lauro Vizconde's request for reinvestigation, I am glad that the Justice Secretary Leila De Lima will look into it. Our country is in peril that somehow other pending case who are like the Ampatuan Case will drag too long once again, because of our justice system in the Philippines. What about those who died? Will there still be justice to the late wife and daughters of Mr. Lauro Vizconde?

This is the question that is mostly in the mind of a lot of Filipinos. This is going to be hard but with the reinvestigation if it will push through, how many years will it take? Will the current decision of the Supreme Court still be the same or change?

The call to pray is there, if our justice system is not able to give justice for the victims, in the face of our creator we surely will know HIS judgement. God's sovereign eyes sees us all.