Working TVC Behind the Scene

I have been working for so long for this project for RDL Teens Face and Body Powder. The talks started as early as April 2010, and the company still could not finalize what material will come first. So, we moved from one concept to another due to other product lines. 

Come June 2010, the jingle was available and thus the company decided to go back to RDL Teens Face &; Body Powder. Due to the important marketing effort of our business, the target shoot date was moved to September instead of July since the scope of work was extended to accommodate the permits in Ad Standard Council.

Suddenly, an unexpected obstacle came that force me again to readjust the production schedule on Oct. 2, 2010 instead of the September 11, 2010 target date.  For me, I think it gave me a little more time to adjust because of the new management of our company. 

Still there were challenges along the way, it did not stop until it last September 29, 2010 when the location for the shoot backed - out. It was like 3 days away from the shoot and I have to look for an immediate alternative while the first director called-up telling me that she is sick and so I have to supervise the rehearsal which was not part of my initial task. 

However, I believe there is always a way for those who trust God. I am glad that my talent agent forward me his former officemate to be our Production Assistant. He was highly recommended by Mr. Yap so I immediately contacted him and he arrived more than an hour earlier than the time schedule that I am suppose to beat.

It was the hardest production experience I had just to make things happen in 3 days. Good thing I was able to find great people to work with me. 

The finish product will be soon published in