My recent extreme sports experience

I am not really a fan of doing extreme adventure. However, due to the high level of pressure in my work environment for the last three weeks, I guess doing something exhilarating will be a good thing to break the usual unhealthy lifestyle of just eating and sitting behind your desk.

Last September 10, 2010, I told my friends and the grand-daughter of our boss to come along and do some outdoor adventure which they think would also be a cool adventure. We went to Zip City with my bf, after my morning meeting.

Zip City is at Langub Maa, they also have other outdoor adventure, like wild water rafting and Maxima Resort. The Zip line cost only P 300.00 with free P100 food at Dencios in Hilltop, which is one of the best place to enjoy the city view of Davao City.

When we got there I realized Karen and Jekaii are really not a daredevil and they are quiet scared of heights. I was also convincing Marco to join us but he insisted that he will be the one to do the documentation of this activity. Well I also want that so I agreed he will take care of the camera.

I was the first to take the zip line because those two teens were almost freaking out, and Ate Norah was like OMG "I think I can't do it." I was convincing them that my other cousins and my sister who is not into these stuff even made it and had a great time.

When I sat at the edge, it was really scary because went at the top where the zip line cable starts which is 3 story higher from the ground. The cliff below was like soo far that if this cable would malfunction I would be hanging at the middle waiting for a rescue. I could actually feel my hand sweat at this moment just imagining that sight. I was kinda nervous at first. However, I looked at the finish line. I thought the speed will not be as scary because it's not really that far.

So the staff fastened all the harness and I was asked to sit at the last level of the stairs and then the cable started to move after he signaled the other guy at the end for my release. It was slow at the beginning and I was like I waved at my friends and called out for my bf.... so he would know I was on the cables at that moment. :D

After being scared for a few seconds the view started to be amazing and as the cable lowered I was enjoying the experience and like this is the way to loosen up my stress like you are in an action film. Hehehe.... hanging near the cliff.

Few minutes more, I could see the finish line. My heart was like...ok, the crew are waiting for me, it was lasted only for almost a minute and I was like... whew... that's it?

The crew then grab me and made me stood at the riser so they could unlock the harness and I was really smiling because it was a different experience. I then thought of doing this for a second time. :D

I watched my 3 other friends and cheered for them to conquer their fear that day! They were really freaked out and exhilarated with this experience. Then we went to ate out meal... relaxing for the rest of the afternoon.