Working on a Davao Gulf Biodiversity Conservation Project

For the last three weeks, I am into this project with my former student and our office together with the people of USAID - ECOGOV, for a project of the Federation of the Davao Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

We started with the brain storming session, and doing the storyboard, and I was getting into the feel of being able to contribute to this cause. The Davao gulf is generating a 6.5 Billion Pesos from both Eco-tourism and Sea transport industries based form NEDA reports.

Considering that I am living in this city, not much of us are actively participating in building a sustainable environment. For the past few years few individuals are conscious of what can contribute to nature, and more of the reports we hear are about the social degradation. There are few news that tells us how nature is being abused. It does not appear in most of the front pages of news dailies, and the magazine I remember that talks about nature and other natural resources are found in the Bato Balani Editions.

Today, the project is 85% complete and this is an involvement of our company to be able to remind everyone living in Davao Region that this is all our responsibility. The video will launch on the 8th General Membership Meeting of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry and on Saturday evening, fund raising concert for the Davao Gulf Advocacy and we will have an artist "Rico Jay Puno and Janine." to entertain the audience. The proceeds will be for the fund of the 2nd wave of the campaign to raise funds, awareness and to create behavioral change among Dabaweneos.

I am glad that my former student- Beth gave her best shot for this project. I am also proud that she became interested to work on this advocacy early in her advertising career, at least I have seen that I was able to share this work with a former student, and for Ryan, he was able to manipulate it well. It was really how we initially planned the animation to appear.

Thank you those who contributed to this from the ECO-GOV Staff, to the DCCCII staff and Executive Director - Ms. Anne, and to Ms. Maej, who became our liaison officer. I am thankful for this opportunity to work with all of you.

I am positive that this will be a great project on January once the program will be implemented. I will provide the Video Link on Saturday (Aug. 21, 2010).