Updates on the Official Inaugural Speech of Phil. Pres. and Vice President

June 30, 2010, a special holiday for the PHILIPPINES. It was 45 minutes ago that former President Gloria Arroya and the President elect Benigno Simeone Aquino III met at the Macalana Palace, after the traditional meeting they, went to the Quirino Grand Stand and rode together within 15 minutes, using the Mercedez Benz 600 Black Presidential Car.

When the crowd saw them coming out of the Presidential car, the crowd went cheering, some were booing. This was the footage from the live coverage I was watching, they walked together at the Quirino Grand stand and it was followed by the salute of AFP officers.

The TV commentator emphasized everything that the President elect Aquino was on time when he left his haus at 9:45 AM. This is something notable because everything is just right on schedule.

Former President Arroyo, gave her last hand shake to the President elect Aquino before she went to ride the black private SUV she owned. It made me think, that this is the official hand-shake of transferring her responsibility to the in-coming President Aquino. I don't know what each of them were feeling but the smiles were painted on their faces. I have the same feeling of when I was watching the Inaguaration of President Obama and former President Bush. There is a sense of anticipation of how the next few days will look like. I am not very cheerful but I am proud that our country was able to commemorate similar memories during his late mother's time as she took oath for the presidency.

At this point of time while I am typing this account, entertainment were rendered by the best Pinoy group - APO HIKING SOCIETY, Christian Bautista, composer Oggie Alcasid and the song bird - Regine Velasquez, now a group performance including the Mr. Pure Energy - Gary Valenciano.

The intermission numbers are fillers prior to the Inaugural speech of because the time was too early for the 12 noon schedule of the speech.

All the yellow colors are all over the grounds, and the songs that were performed are all about PAGBABAGO - "RENEWED/CHANGE."

The gestures of hundreds of people, they are waving, embracing each other, smiling at the camera, singing together, it was close to a concert and festive feeling. There are two former Presidents who is attending the ceremony: Former President Fidel Ramos, and Former President / Co-Presidential Candidate, Joseph Estrada.

In my heart, I will hope that the new Vice - President Binay and the new President Aquino will be good leaders with conscience and willingness to serve the country with whole heart.

My next blog will be about the inaugural speech, and please do share your thougth about it too....