My thoughts about the 15th President's Speech

The speech of the 15th President yesterday was delivered in Filipino language. The speech was 20 minutes long and I think President Aquino is trying to emphasize that he will have a strict governance that he even mentioned that it will be carried by his cabinet members.

The project of his later mother former President Cory Aquino's emergency employment will be revived on infrastructure project, and he also mentioned that their (Aquino) family already invested blood for this country.

Even watching only in television, I can see that people were hopeful and some were really expecting that things will change as he will create TRUTH COMMISSION for the investigation of pending cases and other gray issues that happened in the previous administration.

The president also mentioned that he will allow a interaction and feedback mechanism so the government and its agencies can effectively respond to the people. This is one of the good things that I heard. Yes, the will be so many issues to deal with, but at least, there will be some possible way for people to communicate and at least those who are willing to cooperate will contribute something for this country.

The strong words he also mentioned was "kung kailan tayo nanalo, saka pa ba kayo susuko? Kayo ang boss ko," This is something that communicates, TEAMWORK and he wanted to continuously have the TEAM SPIRIT among those that will serve with him.

But will we be able to see the numbers change in the near future? I can only pray that this will come to pass. As a whole, if we understand the background of our society better, maybe we will be able to find ways to enhance our resources for us to live better than yesterday.