I take Advertising and our company this way...

We see a lot of new styles to sell old products as part of the marketing technique done by companies but for the last three years, I have been in this new media type in Airports of Mindanao.

The challenge is to create the credibility and building the client base. I see that our clients benefited in this new media type. I was thinking how the competition will entirely affect the business and still at this point of time, I see that the medium can still grow in the future. Competition is going to be interesting for me to think because, somehow I am not sure what level of visual presentation will compete with us. Previously, it was not very attractive to the eye.

There may be limitations at the moment, but I believe as companies grow, eventually, the right mix will just come around to make it happen.

With the rapid movement of technology, I am very expectant that the marketing side of this media type will be in a hybrid state as well. As to how hybrid it will, the internet connectivity will play a role with it. Thus, I am positive that for this year, the operation will absorb more work to cater to new development.

The Advertising industry in Davao have grown but there is always a room for improvement and I hope that what we started with the 1st Davao Video Ad Competition will grown better for the coming year and become one of those awaited events for people to participate.