advertising - cash flow and content

I was reading some articles online about how do several people view advertising. It is sad to know that one consultant (Mr. Y - not his real name) that advertising is not a good way to start off your business as part of revenue process for a certain business. One comment said that 'sometimes you just have to believe in making something work and go for it.'

Honestly, I have live the last five years of my life in that principle because I was involved with advertising for more than five years now. I started working as a scriptwriter, and dipped my fingers into graphic designs and flash animation and handled promotions to events. I had varied experiences, some are good, some are not so good in terms of client relations, some a very exciting and there were times it was profitable.

In this country, advertising became a strong industry that even the longstanding telecommunication company just went to in-door advertising last March of 2009. PLDT is now part of the players which I did not expect to happen three years back.

The market share will definitely be divided in the next few years and hybrid content will basically be the main issue for this quarter and for the next years to come as what I and my friend - TV owner/filmmaker - Dax CaƱedo discussed last year. His TV operations - South Spot and our company (ADTECH) are both operating because of advertising. For him, he was the Pioneer of Mindanao Film Festival in year 2004. Just this year our company opened the Inter-collegiate - Davao Ad Competition.

For those who have come before us, that also considered advertising to be part of their cash flow, for instance those that are in the print media are still going strong and some are slowly loosing their market share here in Davao City. For those in the online business, they have died maybe because of lack of maintenance or because they look the same as those sites in Manila but doesn't have good content to showcase.

So I guess it will be exciting to watch out new developments out there in how online and off line messages will evolve for the next two years.