Trashes around Davao City

I have been going around the city at night, and I am really not happy to see all the prints hanging like fiesta banderitas around Davao City and the bill post at the electric post along the roads... I think it is an eye soar and unsightly. I appreciate those who did a mini billboard type on a certain corner but banderitas? It is soo trashy... I don't know why do the city have to look like trash with this election.

This is one of the most heated election among politician trying to expose the skeletons in the closet of their co-candidate. This is also an ugly scenario of our country. I don't know why the media are giving soo much fuzz about this. Does all these heated trash talk create a better ambiance for our tourist to hear?

Well not all elections would not be that orderly, the United States of America also made such buzz about Sarah Palin and her family, but here in the Philippines, I think, it is close to tabloid stories at the moment.

Life is too short for us to live this way, we can't have order around then we are just as close to those Barbarians in the 10th century!

The only suggestion I have, I guess we need to start clearing those trashes, even if the election is still on Monday, because it is summer time, we need to show the beauty of our city for the travelers to come.