My recent trip to Cagayan de Oro....

I am still groggy from the trip yesterday... This is the longest land trip I ever experienced in my life.

Maybe this is with my eyes but as a whole the trip was 14 long hours from Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City and back.

I was just in a hurry and supposedly I have to be in the exhibit today however, I am still here behind my desk trying to answer all the e-mails and calls today.

I finished my task in Adtech yesterday and I am happy that I got to try to travel that far. A few parts of the road to Cagayan de Oro at the moment is under repair. It was really nice that the bus had a nice play list of music some retro and makes me enjoy the ride but 7 hours was really a long ride.

In one of our stops I bought this native ring that my brother and I bought with our first trip together. The trip made me remember those nice moments when we headed to attend the Hillsong Concert two years ago.

It was raining in Cagayan and for me it is a sign of good news because our electricity rely so much on Hydro power here in Mindanao. Good thing that the heat is over.

Going back here in Davao was tiring, I slept for several hours and it was cold because of heavy fogs on the road along Buda Road and I am happy that we arrived safely in Davao at around 1:18 am.

By that time, I felt I wanted to vomit. Anyhow, I went to have noodle with Marco just to regain my strength.

For the record. This is the longest trip I ever had and I still get to report for work the following day at 10:15 am.

If you just want to breath from office work, try doing this!