I am richer today because.....

Now it has come to pass that what I desired and believe in has come to pass. I thank the Lord that it is a blessing he permitted to arrive in my hand at the earliest time. Now with this blessing it is up to me to decide what I must do as a steward. Not just an ordinary steward though. I must be a diligent steward. This is something not everybody is concern off. This is something most people don't want to practise. As Pastor Joel Acaso told me, we have many things to learn about being a diligent steward.

Having concert tickets for the last show of Apo Hiking Society was unexpected. Now I think I am able to experience what Mr. Wattles wrote in his book - The Science of Getting Rich. I am made richer today because of what I learned and I received today. I became richer because I am able to control my pattern of thoughts than what I used to do before. I am richer now, because my life is now going to be part of the blessing for other people, than I was 15 years ago. I am also richer because God has given me these things that I believe I must take care off and not waste my energy for a swinish lifestyle. These are the lessons I learned since this year started. These are the lessons I am trying to learn so I will be able to master what I have started.

For those who want to develop, I still suggest that we remove the trashes in our minds. It is a good exercise to start with and must be paired with faith to our Lord, who sent his beloved Son for us, who became our redeemer. The leap of faith is one of the most wonderful moment that you can add to your life. Added with a thankful heart, these three formula will create good results. If you need to ask for the copy of the book. I can send you an e-book of it, just send me a message here with your e-mail.

Expect great things always!