Davao Food Expo and T.O.P.S. Davao is next week's major event!

At around 2:30 PM with the tropical heat, I went to meet my client from Globallink MP Events International based from Manila, and Ms. Ruby from Konkordans at Villa Margarita.

This is in preparation for the one of the major shows next week at Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas: T.O.P.S. Davao, Davao Food Expo, Wood Watch and Manufacturing Technology. Show dates will be on May 27 - 29, 2010.

Our company - Adtech Events and Promotions Management Corp. is a solid participant of Globallink's event. We were at their 2 events and one of my blogs was : Millionaire's Show blog

It was great to hear from Mr. Tan - General Manager of Globallink MP Events International that "Davao has come a long way... I would like to be here more is the fares are not going to be that high."

I was glad to hear that from him who handles a lot of trade expo in Manila, Cebu and a few in Davao.

One of the many things that I think contribute to Davao's growth aside from the government are the business sector. The local organizations are putting in efforts to create a buzz in the community and off course those individuals who contribute in their own way from arts to business.

So for all Davao residents, I hope we won't miss this opportunity to learn more in the upcoming exhibit next week and for us to continuously build links to make us move more and more towards progress.

Mabuhay tayo!

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