Senses are awaken....

For the longest time, after I wrote that poem, I am back trying to open my mind again for who ever could read this blog.

Many things took over for the past few months, I could not collect all of it in this short write up, but let's say, I miss this, I miss the way I could unfold things that I can't tell the people around me.

I went through some of my stuff last Sunday which I did not hesitate to put aside in the plastic bags, those are the journals I did way back in college, and this morning I realized, I should have kept it.

My senses are once again awaken, of how I dreamed of a love that I want to fight for. I had several struggles that I decided to end just this January, when the year started, and I turned back to my music to eliminate my emotional baggage. I thought for the last 2 years of my life I can live differently, but I am now back to that person who does retrospect a lot.

I learned something about me, there was still a hint in my heart that I want to fix my failed relationship before I will move on, because settling down has been part of my discussion with my boyfriend, plans for the engagement party is there. I guess this is the best time to fix whatever it is. I don't want this to be like the old papers I kept in the box which I realize, I would not be needing anymore.

This will require me to work on many things and do many preparations for my new plans...