TASTE OF LIFE - by: Ms. Joy Y. Miralles

Some days were Cream of Mushroom,
heat sooths your senses,
gravy is a delightful gesture
of grace and kindness you show

Sweet times were Leche flan,
its cold but it paints a smile,
custard of feelings overwhelms,
the smoothness I just can't forget

Salami so frozen are those days
with emotions so hard and tears are water
its better to wash it off
returning the softness it once had
cooking changes the character
the heat turns it to golden brown.

Unpredictable moods are Pop Corns.
Emotions pop as if inside a casserole.
Once over, the aroma turns so alluring,
familiar fragrance of truce is in the air.

Sour creme will complement Chips,
as good company may ease sour scenarios,
lessens negativity and loosens you up,
the salt and sour creme surely makes a unique taste.

The beauty lies in taste of life
The art lies in every hand and mind.
Be it steamed, grilled, fried or baked,
with the absence of love,
all recipes will never be splendid!