Working with my vision

When my professor in MBA course appreciated the way I do my work. My reply was, it's my passion and I am just trying to work it out. Yes, when you have enough passion for what you do, it will take you far. Nonetheless, it's not just passion that can move one person but VISION as well.

I am not so meticulous in setting my eyes in on what I envision in the future but I learned to do so along the way. Now, I am working my way to polish my vision. Thus, this includes working out on major structures to be established in my office. Somehow, I am learning several things that I never wanted to deal with looking back when I was 17 years old. This is the call of duty so I can't just ignore important things to be done.

There will challenges around my work, I need to do an extra mile, but I know this will soon pay off.