It's now summer here in the tropical Philippines.

It's been a while I was not able to update my blog because of so many things that I did and still there are so many things to do. Since the competition for the music video from the Local Gov't Unit which my students and me participated last March 10, 2009, things got very busy because we had our 12th Annual Arts & Design Exhibit at SM City Davao.

Well... My time was mostly concentrated in work, at Philippine Women's College, for Adtech Corp and for my love life... I could not just leave my commitments hanging although I am yet to comply all the necessary clearance in campus at the moment. I am once again rolling into another event.

This event will surely rock my schedule. It's a big event for this year - The DAVAO TRADE EXPOS 2009. I was able to work with this event four years ago, that was DATE 2005. Actually, my company have been participating with DATE since year 2007. We also sponsored their media exposure for the last two years.

What's wonderful is I am working with optimistic people this year. I never thought that my experience with previous events will bring me in this Huge event for this year. Even if we are working with a not so big budget, but I am confident that this will be a fantastic event together with the support of a National Group which I want to keep it for now.

I am even looking forward to be part of the creative team again and take on a new challenge!