Millionaire's show in Manila - v.2

I believe I am blessed that this year, I was able to make a lot of things and one of it was the participation we had with this year's MILLIONAIRE SHOW and HEALTH WORLD EXHIBIT in Mall of Asia last Oct 2 - 4, 2008.

I and Kath went there to promote our company for the end quarter of the year and create a stronger market presence. It is the only practical thing I know to boost the confidence of those clients that despite of bad economic shape in the west, our company is gives them a better mileage with the video ads we have.

It was really tiring to troubleshoot our booth design, it was at that moment that I could never find any store in Mall of Asia that sells fabrics! It was totally surprising for me and Erika.

I did not anticipate that I have to coordinate with the Engineers who fixed the table for the plasma that we rented and that means we have to walk like this almost 500 meters mall, 4 times! That's approximately almost like 2 Km. With the pointed shoes even if it's only with one inch heels. I still felt the pain...

It was good that the Lito Sy guys were there to at least lend a hand. I was very glad that all went well and the exhibit allowed us to learn a lot of new things going on with the Spa and wellness industry.

I must say that somehow that kind of industry is gathering together to strengthen their position in the southeast Asia. I also met this guy who is into this industry in Manila. I hope that they will be able to cover even establishments here in the Mindanao area.

The fun part was, we got to have friends during the exhibit as well, Ms. Gel from Sentosia is one of the nicest person there and be were able to buy this lipfinity by Max factor for 50% off!

We are looking forward to be part of Globallink MP's Event next year!