The Millionaire's show

It was Sept 30, 2008 that I and Kath bounded for Manila at 3:30 PM. I was starving at that moment because I had not taken my lunch due to a lot of preparation and the people I expected to help were not sooo time conscious, that it made me irritated that afternoon.

When we arrived, the driver was also late.... we were standing there for like forever and I was dying to eat the most delicious meal I could ever get my hands on..

The driver finally arrived and I told him I really want to eat a whole chicken, and it made him laugh, anyhow, even if I and kath kinda disappointed, we have to let it pass.

When we arrived at the hotel, the room was surprising! The bed was in BOAT SHAPE.... heheheh... Kath said, "te mura tag mag honey-moon!" (we're like having a honeymoon!)

That was the only thing she could say while, all I can think is I want the clean bathroom anyway, and I like to have just drink water....

That evening, we went to the fast food because I am saving up some cash for some stuff for myself.

The Plasma TV and the DVD player was secure which took me ages to find one within the range of our budget. Thank God Maam Bea of Lito Sy MOA branch agreed with the budget we set. Thanks to the power of SUN unli-call. Hehehe...

Anyway, The next day... it was the most exhausting day of my life for year 2008!