The entire Marketing and Production team of Adtech Corp. went to General Santos City this week-end to attend and be part of the Karagatan Award 2008 for this year's Tuna fest.

We arrived there at around 2:15 pm at Barrio Gaisano, General Santos City and I was really hoping to see more action around town. We went straigth to KCC Mall as Kat adviced that she is checking out our tarpaulins there.

I was excited to see the new design we did for them so we can increase our branding among corporations or businesses. Upon arriving at the convention center of KCC Mall, I was surprised how nice the stage of that Mall. It was really big, and the walls are in navy blue. It is the perfect color for corporate events. The dancers were on stage, doing some rehearsal and someone that sounded familiar called out "Hey! Ms. joy Miralles!"

I wondered who knew me there, and so I turned to check it out. It was Mr. Emi Englis, the ever dynamic, creative, competitive designer, co-faculty of mine. :) It was amazing to see him there. He then told me that few students to help him with the AVP and the lights coordination.

One student was, Julius, the mute and deaf - talented artist, Nico was there too - the friendly, smart, cooperative student and Oskie- the featured make-up artist in the local daily here in Davao, who is taking up painting in PWC. I was glad that Sir Emi is incorporating the real scene of local arts in Mindanao in his class.

I was with my team but no action was happening at that area so we proceed to the hotel and dress-up for the event which will start at 4:00 pm. I was hoping that the experience will enrich them and give them better ideas in promoting the company. I was glad that we raised the bar higher during the Kadawayan 2008 exposure around Davao City as bronze sponsor. Therefore, we also sponsored the Tuna Festival 2008. We are one of their media partner for this festival and I am looking forward that the effort will pay off after the event.

Anyhow, I was glad that the Kadayawn Committee send in the plaque of appreciation today here in my office. For the past years, I have dreamed that one day the company I am working with will flourish this way. Thank God our efforts paid off and thanks to our visionary President who gave his approval on these matters.

Being part of the events around Mindanao is one of our advocacy as we promote the best of Philippines has to offer.

I am also glad and thankful to God that, despite of the not so good economic situation, I am able to get exposure. So watch our for the next events and see us on October as we go around exhibits in the country.