Momentum of the company

I am very happy that my production team were able to create a very good design and concept for the new website of Adtech Events and Promotion Corp. -

It took us several revisions to make a very good concept in order to come up with a very good communication material.

Our new brochure also came out just last month, with a revamp of the logo, the strong call to action message was the most important point of communication in making reinforcement for those who does not understand what our company is trying to sell. It is very hard to get clients avail this new medium - digital advertising especially with traditional businesses.

At the rate we are going now, at least we were able to make several development in our operation. Somehow we have managed to build our company image. Our efforts have made several contribution to the local industry but we don't just stop there. Our effort will continue to awaken the desire of business owners to plunge in this new medium

The making of a very good ingredients for this product has been continuous with the help of my team, and with the passion that I keep in what I do.

We started with staff that needs a lot of creative coaching to spark the momentum and to build each department that will be efficient in delivering the services expected from us by clients.

As what me and my Key Account Officer have discussed this lunch time, now our trade name is able to have meaning starting with letter 'a.' At least now, even if the race will be long, but I am sure, I can say that we know what we are aiming at and what we need to do in each lap.