With so many things going on in the office. At this moment, I have made many administrative things and other project tasking for each one so we can be very effective. I never imagined that I could function with such multi-tasking system in my daily activities. My friend Mac once said 'this is what I chose." I say, I never imagined I will have this type of job. I just want to have fun and have more access on other types of business. It was surprising for me how I can still manage to not surpass the challenges and to come up with something informative even if I am at the end of my wits! Hehehe...

Another surprising experience was the opportunity to look into an account in Cebu once again. I never expected that I would go there, but Sir rex was opening the possibilities because he wanted me to work out on this new client. I am hoping that I can beat my sales quota. I really wish that something good will happen out of this not so good economic situation in the country.

It was also surprising how that logo we had turned out to be not convincing to my boss when in fact a lot of the comments from people who saw it likes the new logo. I really think that there is personality in it. I was hoping and working hard that we can establish our business stronger this year. I still don't know why he changed his mind on it. For now, I have no plans of making revision, because I am not getting results yet. We'll get some people to comment on it and find out how people would react to our new logo as of the moment.

The most surprising part recently was the nice necklace Sir Emi (co-faculty) gave me, it came from Disneyland. I have been trying to look for a nice necklace last summer and I was planning to buy one, but I don't have enough time to go to the mall due to extensive work. I was really glad that without any effort, I got what I have been hoping to have.

Surprising moments are one of the most amazing thing in life... :D more surprises to come! (I pray they are all good surprises!)