Transition: back to the campus...

I was really amazed how time flies. Last may I spent a few days in Manila, checking out the summer activities for the Mid-May which is my summer business trip. I it was my first time to visit the Philippine Women's University. I got a great welcome from Prof. Suva of the Fine Art Department there who toured me around an that same week the fashion students of PWU were also there in Manila because they had an educational tour (during the Philippine Fashion week.

It was really great that I met my old friend- Erika when I went there at the University, we hang-out with Dr. Lorenzo and Prof Suva on a good Wednesday evening and it was cool to hear their great love stories.... Heheheh while I share some bits of my story... they were cool people. We could not imagine they would really fun to be with.

When I came back here, I was really busy updating myself with the new subject given to me last 2nd week of June and trying to keep up with the new arrangements. I have a better life now, cause my bf just move back in Davao City!!! Heheheh... You know, managing my time so I can effectively work both here in Adtech and at PWC while I keep my life colorful!

Anyhow, I was glad that my students in marketing were 10 and I had better lessons to teach them, :D inspired from the learning I got in my masteral subject and getting a grade that was higher from what I expected.

Now, I am giving the meat of the industry to my students would learn from the real world and inside the classroom.