When I took time to pause and contemplate of what transpired for the few days, I think that somehow I embraced the strength and the growth in winter of the beautiful Mei Hua brandishing on the branches despite of the cold environment gave me the inspiration to grow in areas or situations where you least expect to see a beautiful thing in full bloom. The irony of it, inspired me to always go on with that I envision happening in the future and I owe this to my alma mater, Davao Central High School where I learned these things.

So many things came up just this week. I was really updating all the marketing in the office and I went to Philippine Women’s College because I was requested by Mrs. Dalisay, our Asst. Dean to see her in her office, with regards to the grades. Anyway, despite of the hectic schedule and because of the virus, hampering our work, I decided to go because I also needed to get the clearance form, which I should process, after I am done with my updated syllabus. I never thought that seeing her that day would be a blessing in disguise, she asked me if she could nominate me for the Davao Tourism Association to take this post-graduate program for LTTs in Australia. I then informed her that we were able to take up that in one of our agenda in the previous meeting that I attended in behalf of my boss’ wife, Mrs. Merced. Mrs. Dalisay said, that they needed to nominate six. I think I was the third.

Well, I said yes, just for the heck of it, anyway, it’s not final yet, and I never planned that going abroad would be studying there since, I am planning to finish my masters here in Philippines. I am planning just two weeks ago that I am transferring my MBA to PWU by June. However, Mrs. Dalisay was encouraging me, so I said yes.

I browsed over the form last Friday afternoon and checked it out. Whew! it was not a simple form. I is necessary that they have to assess the objectives, and the perceived expectations. The main thing that really made me think was to officially make a strategy statement which I think was the challenging part. Nonetheless, for the past six months, I realized that for the past years of my life, I already ventured on some uncontested grounds.

I then feel that it is but fitting to share my knowledge to those people who wants to learn and who needs education, that is why, I go on teaching… this becomes a cycle that gives fulfillment after all the learning I experience in my activities.