Seeing through in each situation...

Our project this summer started to get momentum during the last week of February 2008. I wanted to put up a customized video for Summer and raise more awareness among travelers about places in Davao City for this year, that is why the Ultimate Davao Get Away Guide pop-up in my head.

The challenge kicked-in during the first day of the production when our original host was not able to come because she was bleeding. The notice came in at 5:15am while the departure would be 9:00 am, I have barely 3 hours to solve the problem. I was frantic because the client have prepared so much for this video shoot. I was suppose to be my rest day but we scheduled it on a Sunday because this is the only day our cameraman would be available. Still, I got my way through it and was able to save the day with the help of Kat....

With teaching on the side and my Masteral class, I am doing the best that I can to make things work. I chose this in the first place, to accept the teaching loads, while I am working for my company. For me, I see some fulfillment in it when I see young ones grow and learn things. It gives me a sense of worth when I contribute something I know that will be fruitful in the future.

With all the things happening, all I just think about is: for everything to work out right. It takes a lot of sacrifice for things to happen because the people may not be able to see what's beyond and considering all of these, it takes a lot of energy... I learned that I should somehow see things through. My head was aching when things are almost impossible but still my prayers were answered.

Why, should I do so? It is because I am the one who made such project and I need to stand for it and be accountable for it, but what's important is to be able to see things beyond the present scenario... It is what an entrepreneur should do, something that I should do if I really wanna make things grow this year. It is something that I learned for the past three days, after all the production and launching took place.