Different songs & music...

For the past three months, the songs that I appreciate were the music of Omarion, Rihanna and Nelly Furtado. Then, it was December 2008 that I felt really sad and so I was trying to heal my emotions with Bonnie's Rait's I can't make you love me. It was the song that helped me through.

I was even singing that nickelback's Photograph song when I said I should end up the relationship before May, to help me gather my guts to say goodbye. The melody just makes me think about it easily and then I really did decided after I made up my mind.

I was trying to close the chapter of the 6 months relationship and the 8 months struggle to try and hoping that we can still work it out. Nonetheless, after all the things that transpired, I then decided to go back to my plan A that I should stop all communication because it seems the right thing to do.

However, going back three years ago... I then realized that I want to use this "Could not ask for More" soundtrack if ever I will have my wedding video in the future. I still think that I want a video that is like some TV series of Angel. I don't want to make some cheesy video but something that has emotions and more aesthetics and great cinematography.

Last December, I watched Music & Lyrics and I had a wishful thinking, that I would be able to find someone who would share some time, singing with me and for me... I then realized that I could not go on with a relationship that is too rigid. I want someone who is creative and expressive. Someone who understand my language of love.....

I then, listened to Dare You to Move when I was trying to face the challenge to move on totally and putting my trust in the Lord, then I know somehow, everything will be alright.

Then I didn't know that my heart would open up again this year. He told me that he was practising the song "Way Back into Love." Hmmm.... I realized that I miss this person since I use to hear him sing before... then I started to sing this other Nickelback song "Far away." Not all ladies I know likes this song... but then again... I can relate to it... 85% of the song tells how I feel. The right word were just placed perfectly.

Just last week, I think Mary J Blige was right with her song "Just Fine" after I finished doing my marketing plan! I just believe that things will just be alright!