REVIEW: D Year That Was

2007: I had a sense of a good start with this year, considering that the I had a good business with my previous client coupled with a good start on my teaching career at PWC, and had a good love life with an established businessman... all I ever thought was to grow my influence and connection around the corporate arena but my teaching career gave a balance to share what I have learned in the craft of advertising.

This has been what I have planned before to at least share my experiences and learnings with young ones, but it turned out that my students are few years younger than me because I was teaching college students. It was tough because of their tardiness and keeping up with the pace of the show that I was also handling at New Jersy Talent Center. So, I am trying my best to work out my schedules and the things I have to teach, keeping up with my finances to make both ends meet because despite the positive side, there is also a negative side in terms with finances and indeed I was able to help out. In March 2007 was the event of my client and I am glad it turned out successful and with the help of the college, we were able to generate cash just enough to cover the expense. Getting 2 national starts is one of the best accomplishment we've made since the company is under the medium scale category that push its self to the limit to make it happen was an accomplishment. In the end of my teaching evaluation, I got a grade of 86.7%. It was good enough, because I was able to enjoy the photography subject and challenged me in my Philosophical side.

It was during the summer that I felt I was having a quarter life crisis. I felt lonely when the events had fade and no class to handle after the graduation and it made me feel like I am wasting a fraction of this year, so I went to have a new hair color. Not thinking that I would have problems with it later! Hahah! Nonetheless, a lot of people loved my hair for summer! I was trying to reinvent my image, to give more boost and perk myself, that's the easiest way to jumpstart things, when my relationship became shaky. I am so unsure about it that I tried to reconnect with my friends. I think I had a problem couping up when all the fast phase events would immediately fades out, but I was able to handle my break-up well after a month. I had supportive friends who told me the truth and was there to coach me. :D

The good thing that boost me this summer was I got to sing for the political jingle during the election for my student's dad and sister who where in North Cotabato. It was fun singing in the studio and writing songs! I enjoyed working with Macky and letting other people know that I could really do lyrics for canned music. Hehehe, and that helped me a lot to boost my confidence when the candidate won as the Congresswoman. Hehehe...

In June, I got 2 loads, and here I go again since I signed a new contract with the Studio of the same client to have an image model search. This set another fast phase schedule in my life that I think would help me get over my past relationship and there was this great smart guy that I met, whom I was able to work with in Al's Diner. :D