With so many things that people do, sometimes, we sort of forget to put focus on the important things in life, like our relationships. People tend to be selfish and unforgiving, many of us forget to water and garden our relationships that we end up hurting someone or worst ourselves.

In the work place, I am trying to cultivate our teamwork, though I am trying to manage things, I want them to be productive and I am hoping that each one will grow in their field.

I try being supportive for the training, the updates that they need because I put value to the skill that they may put in the company's growth.

For several years, I was trying to dig into how to improve myself in handling people. I am hoping that things will grow and will work out right. To top it all, I am very concern on how they handle their lives. I try to understand even their problems outside the company just to know how I could make things better in the work place.