Business here in Davao City--- part 1

Last Sept 25, 2007, I was able to meet the people of SKAL INTERNATIONAL - Davao Chapter and heard recent updates around Davao City. I also gave a short lecture of how they can maximize and look into a updating themselves using a website.

I am so honored to speak infront of these people who play a vital role in the Business sector of Davao City. I am so glad that I was able to share a good piece of information and the interaction was good. Thanks to our company chairman who believes in me.

Taking another big step in advertising and fusing marketing gives me a greater scope of work right now. It takes a lot of determination to handle this, because we are still arranging things and I need to make good strategies to make things work well.

Business here in Davao City is not so fast moving but compare three years ago, there are more events going on around town. Nonetheless, few people thinks that advertising can propel their business, as what I observe, few people are keen to push for their company's vision, and they loose their passion along the way.

Given this challenge, I am trying to study what works best for come up with a better formula to create good results, specially now that our company- ADTECH MGT CORP is making an effort to promote our City.

I hope that this will be a sustainable project that there will be effects on people in the next few months.