Portfolio and trust....

It has been months that I have focused myself in my career, I have reach the point of success in terms of handling my teaching loads in the college and working in with my events. I may not really exceed the target that I set for myself but, I have done a lot of things that I never thought I would be able to do before. I don't know how things fell into its place but now, I have built my porfolio quiet good as I would look at it, but for sure, I always would aim to improve and to develop.

I then realized that there are things that you can never get and there are things that is really for you and so many things can be done when you just have the willingness to learn and adapt better system. However, when you don't get the things you want, it reminded me to be humble and look at my capacity that perhaps, I am not yet ready to take such responsibility and that experience always let me look at myself. To check how far I have improved since I finished my college degree.

I was telling my student that I even had a hard time building my portfolio and building my portfolio also gives me an avenue to build my relationship to my students, my officemate and my clients who became my friends all along. It is fulfilling to see how they trust me to do the things that needs to be done and trust is not quantifiable in monetary aspect. You have to earn it hard and good.

With the favors the Lord has given me I am beginning to learn also how to trust the Lord in helping me maintain my career and my credibility. I am taught how to validate my trust in Him in every circumstance that I face. As a lady, I am challenged by all of this.